Please review the following maintenance tips before submitting a maintenance request.


    • After Hour Lockouts: Tivoli Gainesville does not provide an “after hour lockout” service. If you have been locked out of your unit due to any reason other than physical/mechanical issues with the lock or door, you will be required to call a local locksmith.


    • If you cannot get your key in the lock it may be due to the face plate on your deadbolt is turned to the wrong position (service position, key cylinder is black). Using the palm of your hand, push pressure on the face of the lock and rotate it 180 degrees to reveal bottom cylinder or satin nickel/brass cylinder.

    • Not Cooling: If your unit is not blowing air from your vents and not cooling your unit, it may be “frozen over”. To assist the Tivoli Gainesville maintenance team in providing a quick solution, please turn the thermostat’s heat/cool setting to “off” and turn the fan setting to “on”. This will help to defrost the unit faster and speed up the repair process. Please note that a “frozen” unit will leak water so have a bucket/towels ready to contain any water until the Service Professional arrives.


    • It is a good practice to start your HVAC unit up prior to the heating/cooling seasons to ensure your unit is working properly. This will assist in getting any issues addressed prior to the peak of the season and improve call times.

    • Not Working: Locate the red reset button on the side or bottom of your disposal and try resetting it; this may fix a non-functioning disposal.


    • Foul Odor: Put a lemon in your disposal and run it to eliminate foul odors. Always remember to run water when using the disposal.

    • Outlets not Working in Kitchen or Bathrooms: Locate the GFCI outlet in your kitchen or bath and push the reset button to restore power to your outlets.


    • Outlets not Working in Living Room: Some outlets are controlled by a switch, try turning on switches and check the outlet again for power.


    • If there is no power to a specific area of your apartment, try checking the breaker panel for tripped breakers. If a breaker is suspected to be tripped, push the tab completely to the off position and then back to the on position, you should here a feel a distinct click if it resets. If the breaker continues to trip do not attempt to keep resetting it, submit a service request and let the trained professionals handle it from there.

    • Try to contain any leaking water by putting a bucket under it until a service professional arrives, clean up any water on floors/under sinks to ensure no further damage occurs.


    • Leaks from Sinks: If the water is constantly leaking from a water line try turning off the valve (turn valve handle to the right to shut off water).

    • Dishwasher:  Use only automatic dish detergent in dishwasher, if regular dish soap has been used it will cause excess suds and leaks. Pouring hot water in dishwasher will help reduce the suds, then you can try running it again once suds have dissipated. You can also eliminate odors in your dishwasher by pouring a cup of household bleach in and run dishwasher empty, always run dishwasher at least once a month to help reduce odors.


    • Clothes Dryer:  If dryer is not drying efficiently try cleaning out your lint filter, this should be cleaned out after each use. Also try smaller loads, too many clothes in the dryer reduces air flow and will not dry clothes effectively.
  • emergencies

    • No heat in winter and temperature is 65° or below outside.
    • No air conditioning in summer and temperate is 85° or above outside
    • Plumbing problems, which can cause further damage to unit or prohibits use of bathroom (only one bathroom).
    • No electricity (breakers have been checked) or potential fire hazard exist in unit.
    • Fire, flood or natural disasters- call 911 first.



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